New Tree Diseases Book by Michael Allen:

Dr. Tree’s Guide to the Common Diseases of Urban Prairie Trees

Dr. Tree's Guide to the Common Diseases of Urban Prairie Trees book front cover

Dr. Tree’s Guide to the Common Diseases of Urban Prairie Trees is a book designed for homeowners, tree enthusiasts and professionals who are looking to learn about common afflictions facing our trees in Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan and northern US states.

Here is a brief summary from the back cover of the book:

Urban trees on the prairies are essential to our changing landscape environment. I have helped thousands of people with their tree problems over the past 43 years. Tree diseases and how to deal with them continue to plaque a very large numberĀ of people. “Where can we get more information about these tree problems?” is a question I am constantly being asked. This book will help you to narrow the search for the disease problems plaguing your trees by going through the images and accompanying text. Herein are helpful detailed instructions on how to take care of the nutritional requirements of your trees. Keeping a tree healthy can reduce its susceptibility to diseases, much as good nutrition does with people and animals.

There are about 60 tree diseases identified in the book. Tree disease frequency of occurrence can vary by location across the prairies. Based on my visits to thousands of prairie properties over the years, the top ten diseases in southern Manitoba in no particular order of occurrence are
1. Fire Blight (in apple, crab, pear, and mountain ash especially)
2. Spruce Tip Blight (especially in Colorado spruce and in Colorado blue spruce); also occurs in white spruce and balsam fir; the disease also shows up in Siberian larch
3. Ash Anthracnose (in green ash, black ash, Manchurian or Mancana ash, and hybrid ashes)
4. Dutch Elm disease (in American elm)
5. Poplar fungal canker diseases (in all native and cultivated ornamental poplars and aspens)
6. Black Knot disease (in especially Schubert choke cherry)
7. Spruce Cytospora Canker (especially in Colorado spruce and balsam fir); also occurs in white spruce, Siberian larch and cultivated varieties of cedar
8. Pine Shoot Blight (in Scots pine and mugo pine especially)
9. Apple Scab (in apple and crab apple
10. Interveinal Anthracnose disease and chlorosis (in Amur maple and silver maple especially)

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