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Viburnum Tree Experts

VTE is a consulting and advisory company that solves tree and woody shrub problems through expert advice. We thoroughly assess woody plants and the location where they are growing to find out why they are not doing well. We are completely independent of any company that derives its profit from doing work on trees such as pruning, fertilizing, controlling pests and diseases, repairing, removal and planting.
The company is owned and operated by Michael Allen.


Who can benefit from our services?


Anyone who has a piece of land on which trees and woody shrubs grow can benefit from Viburnum Tree Experts' services. That includes just about everyone on the prairies whose home, business, institution, or agency is located on property where trees and woody plants grow.

How are we different from any other tree service/arborist company?

On your request, Viburnum Tree Experts will make home and property visits.  Once on your property, we will teach you how to take care of your trees and shrubs and clearly outline to you any problems your trees and shrubs may have.  Next we will describe and recommend best practices and treatment options to help restore your trees and shrubs back to health.  We will also assess whether a tree is hazardous or unsalvageable and needing removal.

Our property visits combine diagnosis with education and awareness.  We believe the more informed consumers of tree services are, the better the decisions they will make for the effective treatment of their valuable trees and shrubs.  Although we don't do the pruning, removal or spraying work, upon request, we can provide independent recommendations for tried and true, reputable arborist companies. 

Using the expertise of Viburnum Tree Experts, coupled with the right treatment decision, will save you money as well as increasing the value, life span and health of your trees and shrubs.